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Practicing Patience

Have you ever felt like sometimes you are sabotaging your own healing?

There are so many ways in which we can sabotage ourselves. One of the most destructive ways is through impatience. I really struggle with this personally. I’ll give you a prime example. I live in Florida and let’s just say, driving here sometimes feels like you are taking your own life into your hands. You see, the world today is driven by demands for RIGHT NOW. Through social media, messaging, the medical system, our society no longer desires to wait for anything. So, here I am sitting in traffic which always tests my patience. I can feel my neck tensing up, my cortisol (stress hormone) rising, and my patience flying right out the window!!! What do I do in these situations you ask? Well, I have learned some helpful stress reduction techniques that come in quite handy while driving.

What struggles do you have with impatience?

Are you waiting on scan or lab results, waiting in the doctor’s office, only to be guided into the exam room to, you guessed it, wait once again!? What do you do while you are waiting? How do you cope with the “scanxiety” and stop yourself from spiraling while waiting for these results?

Let’s start with these facts. The biggest trouble with impatience is it creates stress. On demand living produces anxiety, worry, distress and the most detrimental fear. This stress is destructive to our bodies, mind & spirit. It even creates stress with those around you. Simply put, it is a vicious cycle of demand that is taxing on everyone involved.

Impatience is a real emotional reaction to a person or situation. When our responses are strategic, they are often rooted in peace and wisdom. These responses are far more productive. Subsequently, we need to learn to respond in a beneficial way. What does that mean? We must practice patience! Learning patience should be a goal of helping ourselves heal from cancer.

“To lose patience is to lose the battle.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Helpful tips for practicing patience….

Do not allow this sense of urgency to rule your life!

  • Practice the pause.

  • Keep a journal. Journaling is a perfect way to discover our triggers.

  • Use coping mantras that promote patience and a sense of calm, such as “This too shall pass”, & “Breathe.”

  • Take notice of any physical symptoms, such as your muscles tightening up. Take some deep cleansing breaths, while focusing on relaxing those tense muscles.

  • Fuel yourself with nutrient dense food. Get enough sleep. Physical factors can lead to impatience, such as feeling hungry, thirsty or tired. I always grab a fresh bottle of water and some healthy nuts when I leave my house.

  • Prioritize your day. Have a schedule of things you need to get done and take out the things that might be causing your stress when possible.

  • Don’t be quick to react! Go back to the breath work and focus on calming, rational thoughts.

Wishing you all a Happy Springtime full of Patience!


Health Navigators Coach, Lisa Tarantino, CFNC, CRRC

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