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Let Us Guide You on Your Healing Journey

If you are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain due to a life-changing diagnosis let us guide you. We've been through this and we can help you find your footing and the right healing path for you.

First Step - Select a Coach & Schedule Your Discovery Call 

Work With Us

Therapy Session

Overcome the Odds Signature Coaching Program

Are you ready to do whatever it takes

When you are ready for change we will guide you through our "Overcome the Odds" coaching program. Together we will create your roadmap to healing. Our program guides you through the steps that you need to welcome lifestyle changes into your life. Overcoming the odds doesn't happen overnight and it needs to be intentional. Our coaches act as your personal guide on your journey, meeting you where you are, and encouraging you to take the steps you need  to make lasting change and find your healing.

Triumphant Hiker

Radical Remission Programs

Learn to implement the 10 healing factors that can make a real difference.

If you found the books inspiring, why not deepen your knowledge while creating a personal action plan at a Radical Remission Workshop.


The 10 Radical Remission healing factors can be used safely in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments. They have been shown, in a study conducted at Harvard University, to significantly increase cancer patients’ quality of life. The workshop empowers patients with safe and healthy lifestyle changes they can make at home.

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Thriver Membership

Build deep connections with like-minded people

Come find an uplifting community of support. Connect with other thrivers who are doing all they can to find their path to healing. Join the Health Navigators monthly Thriver Membership and find your people, as well as access to a range of events, resources and tools designed to aid in the healing process.

Who We Are


Karla and Liz are passionate about sharing the healing factors of Radical Remission and utilizing a holistic approach to coaching. They were certified by Dr. Kelly A Turner in 2019, Co-Founded the Health Navigators in 2020, and became Co-Directors of the Radical Remission Project and Co-Hosts of the Radical Remission Stories That Heal podcast in 2023.


Karla Mans Giroux is a cancer thriver living with metastatic breast cancer & blessed to report no evidence of disease since 2016. By utilizing an integrative approach, including the lifestyle changes of Radical Remission, she has overcome the odds. Let Karla inspire & guide you.

Liz Curran was inspired by her experience as a caregiver during her sister's aggressive cancer journey to guide others to find healing. She advocates a holistic approach using the Radical Remission healing factors as a foundation to overcome the odds. Let Liz give you hope and guidance on your healing journey.

Listen to the Stories That Heal Podcast
Hosted by Liz and Karla

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