Stories That Heal

In our book club, we will read books that bring health, inspiration and wellness into our life. Then come together to share personal experiences and ideas, and hopefully laugh from time to time with others on a healing journey.

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  • Stories That Heal Book Club: Radical Hope
    May 24, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
    Meets Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET. Join us as we read Radical Hope, the sequel to Radical Remission, by Kelly A. Turner, PhD, to learn and discuss the healing factors, share our experiences, and grow with others on a healing journey.
  • The Story You Need to Tell Book Club Experience
    May 31, 12:00 PM EDT – Aug 16, 1:00 PM EDT
    Meets Tuesdays. This 12-session working group is for those who want to dig into learning more about writing as a healing tool.

Hear what our community thinks...

Book club with the Health Navigators provided me with a like-minded community in a time when it was very difficult to find such a community elsewhere. Book club created a safe open-minded space where we could all share our personal growth with one another as we learned more about ourselves through the book we were reading.

- Taylor

The Health Navigators created a safe environment where we felt comfortable sharing our feelings. I watched week after week as my book club members and I came to understandings that helped so much on our health journey. This book club allowed me to delve deeper into the Radical Remission factors and helped me on my health journey.

- JoAnn

This information is so hope-filled. Sometimes I feel that we’re flailing about in the ocean on a life raft about to get hit again by a rogue wave. You have helped us see that others have made it to dry land, so we can, too!

- Anne